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Personal personalized decoration with stone need to be careful with radiation

At present, the home personalized decoration has become the general tendency of the middle class of the city, the original mainly for the building facade, residential lobby and the public hall of the public space of the natural stone, began a lot into the private home space. The high-grade stone has a natural pattern and beautiful colors, to provide interior designers with a broad creative elements. But in the daily use, many people tend to ignore the reasonable maintenance, there are many errors on the understanding.

Natural stone radiation is not terrible

The material world contains almost no radioactive material, which also includes soil, air, water and the human body itself. According to the global stone technology experts, stone from the natural, containing radioactive material is sure, normal. Stone radioactive mainly refers to the stone contains radium, thorium, potassium three kinds of radioactive elements in the decay of the radioactive material, mainly "radon" gas. According to the 1993 National Building Materials Bureau issued the "natural stone products, radiation protection classification control standards" point of view, the current 80% of the stone samples can be used in any case of Class A stone.

Will the stone cause harm to the human body? Experts explained that the radioactive level of stone is a low dose of radiation, can not and can not quickly (short term) lead to deterministic effects. "Because even excessive stone, the release of the radiation is absorbed by the human body, also belong to low-dose irradiation, can not lead to infertility, nasal cancer, laryngeal cancer culprit." It is understood that the radiation value for five consecutive years in the 20msv, will have a greater damage to the human body. And with the dose increase in the probability of cancer, usually a few thousandths, not more than the car, by train risk.

Good ventilation and effective radiation protection

Natural stone is often mistaken for the only indoor "pollution source" was removed. In fact, radon radiated from ground soil is also one of the main sources of indoor radon concentration, so the contents of radon in the basement and semi-basement of the cottage, the building are relatively high. In the wall tiles made of coal ash, The content of radioactive material is sometimes higher than that of some granite. There are interior decoration used in the coating, decoration materials, the release of formaldehyde and benzene on the human body is also a great deal of damage. In addition, like televisions, refrigerators, computers, air conditioning, microwave ovens will also release a small amount of micro-radiation.

"Keep the room well ventilated is the easiest and most effective way to eliminate all the radiation." In the interview, the experts said that if you do not understand the natural stone containing radioactive material, or accidentally "B" stone (can be used in addition to the room Interior and exterior of all buildings inside and outside the finishes) decoration in the family room, do not have to panic. According to him, as long as the attention to indoor ventilation, keep the indoor air fresh, such as every morning after getting up and every night before going to sleep half an hour to 1 hour, many pollution problems can be easily solved.

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