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Choosing Countertop Edges

You will make many decisions when choosing a granite countertop, including what thickness, which color and what pattern. Another option that isn't commonly considered is what type of edging? The edging on the countertop can be any one of a number of styles including rounded, beveled and squared. You can choose a style that complements your decor and appeal to your personal taste.

Consider a rounded edge if you have a modern kitchen or small children. A countertop with a rounded edge, referred to as a full bullnose, does not have any straight or pointed edges so there will be nothing on it to cause cuts or scrapes. Rounded edges also complement modern decor.

Explore a squared profile. This edge, which is called eased, is flat on the front side with slightly rounded ridges at the top and bottom. The squared profile is the most common and fits both casual and modern kitchens. It's downside is that the top and bottom ridges are slightly sharp.

Opt for a chiseled edge. This edge is very natural looking and makes the granite look like it just came from the quarry. The slightly uneven and chipped edge fits a natural-style decor and hides any accidental chips that occur through regular use.

Decide on a fancier edge for your kitchen. There are several to pick from including a bevel edge, which has a carved-in area at the top of the edge, which sits at a 45-angle, before sloping in a rounded-edge below. An ogee edge is similar to the bevel, only the beveled part is rounded instead of angular. These edges make the granite look expensive and fit well with a traditionally styled kitchen.

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