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Artificial stone no color difference

Artificial composite stone is processed by natural stone, after crushing under high temperature and high pressure polymerization made of artificial stone is generally more than 90% of the stone content, is an environmentally friendly material. According to businessmen, the Beijing market is mainly synthetic stone on imported products and joint ventures, the price is generally 300-500 yuan / square meter

with a variety of color series

Artificial composite stone and natural stone, with a variety of color varieties, artificial stone composite stone not only has the natural stone color and texture, and because of the degree of crushing in the processing of different stones, matched with different colors, can be divided into A variety of different series, such as pure point series, pure color series, color stone series, diamonds, quartz series, etc., each series has many colors to choose from. Optional, you can choose lines, color and luster are suitable for man-made stone, with a variety of home color and decoration grades.

there is no color, lighter than stone

Artificial stone than natural stone, the lack of natural Tiancheng lines and texture, but also has its superior characteristics. The same type of artificial stone is no color and texture differences, users do not worry about the purchase because there is chromatic aberration and affect the overall laying effect. And artificial stone surface without pores, oil, water stains which is not easy to penetrate, anti-dirt strong, easy to clean. Artificial stone is the main material is processed with stone powder, thinner than natural stone, light weight than the natural stone. Laying at home, you can reduce the weight of the floor, when handling more convenient.

can be stitched into a variety of patterns

In the laying process, artificial stone can be paved not only into the traditional block and block splicing in the form, and can be cut into various shapes, combined into a variety of patterns, with different colors of artificial stone stitching into different shapes of patterns, Unexpected effect. Such as the white stone background, the central inlay colorful colors, will produce a creative and wonderful feeling, and man-made composite stone according to the requirements of splicing can be cut into a round, semicircle, fan-shaped and so on, in the straight line with soft Of the curve, to the stone in the chilled with soft feel.

At the same time artificial stone laying process is also more simple, man-made composite stone on the back of the corrugated process, easy to glue in the construction process, but also to lay the wall or ground quality is more reliable.

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