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Dragon Boat Festival in Newstar

June is a special month with full of passion, dream, hoping and happiness.

In this month, our company takes part in The Orange Battle, which is hold by Alibaba. And there are 136 companies and 635 persons take part in the battle. The battle is a PK of sales volume, performance, outward bound etc. We set up the goal and try the best to achieve our goal. In this Orange Battle, we devoted ourselves to the work, offer the best service to our customers, like send them gift, discount etc..

Newstar’s spirit is work hard and lives happy. During the hard work, we enjoy a nice afternoon in our Newstar Kitchen. It’s anactivity called “Bao Zongzi”, which is a traditional Chinese rice-pudding, made of glutinous rice, egg,Chinese date’s meat etc. Most of the Chinese will make Zongzi with their family in June to celebrate the Deagon Boat Festival. But we also enjoy this with our workmates. As Newstar is a big family of love, who will always keep on learning to serve you better, to be more professional.

And we sincerely welcome you to come and join us, to enjoy the nice day and the sweet Zongzi.

Also, we have prepared some surprise for you, like gifts, discounts. Just contact and learn more of that.


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