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Stone Industry

By the influence of global economic, all most international trade get the impact. If you are engaged in the stone industry, just don’t miss out the following predict of future development direction of stone industry.

One is modular design. Products to massion in order to be called industrial. The creators of the full performance of product design aesthetic design, human-machine interfaces in other applications in addition to surface considerations, design, machining capacity is often the most critical. In order to bring art into the industry, launched the concept of modular design, innovative products designed to address the production constraints can’t. For example, the model designer, eyes that have a variety of facial expressions, how to make the eyes of the emotions present in the stone? If possible, design and type of parameters in accordance with stone processing technology, on the database for designers to choose. Design can reduce the waste of duplication and to ensure in the design phase has confirmed production-processing technology and equipment, such is the real stone art and design industry.

Another development direction is to create added value. Technology innovation, integration of interdisciplinary knowledge and technology in particular, often can bring added value products, to glass ands, for example, through the wind and sun and rain outdoors after, it lost its luster. If the application of nanotechnology, surface treatment on thes, so have the self-purification function, as long as the rain erosion can be beautiful as ever, added value were created. Also if we using the Internet, e-commerce, IT and multimedia audio and video technology, on the promotion and marketing of stone products is also extremely helpful.

At last is reuse. Stone waste treated, can also become another product of raw materials, use of cement, high temperature, high pressure, extraction and other methods, can be made into tiles, flooring, handicrafts, stone fertilizer ... ... a variety of products for recycling technology has been developed years, technology has matured, however, is still attached to the waste recycling industry, environmental protection and other under, not the formation of industrial clusters. Future use of resources of science and technology of the new use of stone waste, use resources in the market to create demand l, then the stone on the middle and lower reaches form a complete industrial system.

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