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Edge a Granite Tile Countertop

Granite tile s are edged the same way as ceramics. A field tile is cut to the width of the countertop 's edge, then capped off by an overhanging bullnose granite tile on top. A tile with a bullnose has one of the four edges rounded over, giving it a smooth, finished look. You can't buy bullnose tiles; they are milled specifically for each granite tile installation. Certain companies specialize in grinding and polishing granite tile bullnose edges.

Design a garden stone mosaic

Garden stone mosaic swiftly utilizing a few items you can locate at your regional craft store. Custom-design your stepping stone with one another with your children's handprints, brightly colored pebbles or bits of broken ceramics. type the stepping stones and allow your youthful children take satisfaction in decorating them with you.Apply the mold discharge for that within surface area of your stepping-stone mold. blend the concrete according the manufacturer's directions and possibly pour it or use a trowel to area it using the mold. Fill the mold almost for that top.Vibrate the mold collectively with your arms to launch any oxygen bubbles that may be inside the concrete. allow the concrete arranged up for about 5 mins past for you start to create your.Press the ceramics in to the surface area in the concrete in what ever pattern you enjoy. Fill the best in the concrete using the tiles. for all those people that method to create a handprint or scribble something in to the stone, wait around for about 15 mins quickly after pouring the concrete to compose your message. rinse your child's hand swiftly quickly after producing the print, as concrete will burn up the skin. As lengthy since the concrete is soft, you can include tiles to the surface area in the stone.


Polish a Limestone Floor

Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock that used in many homes as a counter tops or for flooring. Although more expensive than many traditional flooring (tile and linoleum, for example), limestone will stay looking nice for years and years. However there are a few things to keep in mind if you'd like your limestone flooring to last for life: never use acids to clean your limestone tile --like lemon juice and vinegar-- as they will ruin the floor, and clean your floor regularly to extend its life.

Move a Granite Slab

Some home improvement projects require very little physical strength. Certain projects, however, might require quite a bit of strength. The difficulty in moving a granite slab depends on how large the is, as well as how much preparation and planning may be required. The most important thing, however, is the safety of those involved. The next most important thing is keeping the slab from being dropped, cracked or damaged in any way.

Install Travertine Marble Tile

Travertine is a form of marble tile that's full of intricate holes on its surface, the result of the natural formation of the stone. The holes are the trademark of travertine, but they're al

Cut Granite Slab

Granite is one of several different types of stone commonly used in home design, and can be seen in anything from bathroom tile tos. Granite is one of the hardest stones used in home projects, and that would seem to suggest granite would be extremely difficult to cut. Fortunately, this turns out to be untrue. In fact, can be cut with an ordinary wood-cutting saw -- provided it has the appropriate blade. This is not to say that cutting granite is a simple process, however.

Refresh Kitchen Counters

Over time, kitchen counters can become cluttered, messy and covered with grease and food stains. If your counters are dragging your down and need a makeover, it may be time to make some tough decisions. Look carefully at your counters and ask yourself what changes need to be made. This may require parting with appliances that have sentimental value, but which provide no aesthetic benefit.


Care for Slate Tile Floors

Slate is a natural stone that is formed by the bond of silt and clay particles under high temperatures and pressure. The resulting material is highly durable and nearly impenetrable by liquids. Slate tile comes in a variety of natural colors, including an array of greens, red and grays, as well as deep charcoal and rust. The texture of slate creates slip-resistant flooring.

Statuary Marble Slab

Use of marble slab is a time-honored tradition and remains the most popular natural stone used in construction to date. It is found in both public and private building construction and appears as part of structures as well as in decorative accents. Marble is used in both interior as well as exterior design. It is highly sought after and compared to others like limestone, onyx, travertine and others; marble is held as the most durable. This is the reason it continues to be a popular choice for many home remodeling projects. Today, we will introduce the statuary slab with you.


Water Flower Pots

All plants need water for sustained growth, and it's no different for container gardens. Potted flower plants often require more frequent watering than their counterparts grown directly in the ground, as potted soil is usually exposed to greater heat and wind movement, which increases the soil drying process. Provide your flower pots with the proper watering they need to keep your flowers growing lush and beautiful on the garden stone .



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