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Install Travertine Marble Tile

Travertine is a form of marble tile that's full of intricate holes on its surface, the result of the natural formation of the stone. The holes are the trademark of travertine, but they're also a problem in that dirt and moisture can gather in those holes. This is why some people prefer to install the travertine in "closed-hole" fashion, meaning you fill the holes with grout. Travertine is light in color, so using dark grout keeps the pattern of the holes visible while preventing dirt from gathering there.

Instructions as follows:

Firstly, mark a horizontal line along the entire length of the wall, up from the floor by the height of yours plus 1/4 inch. So if the tiles are 6 inches high, the line will be 6 1/4 inches up from the floor.

Secondly, draw a vertical line up the middle of the wall, from the top to the bottom of the area to be tiled.

Thirdly, apply thinset mortar along the base of the wall, along the whole length, from the floor up above the horizontal line.

Fourthly, hang the bottom row of travertine tiles, pressing them to the wall under the horizontal line, starting on either side of the vertical line. There will be a 1/4-inch space below the tiles, where they meet the floor. Build out from the middle, toward the sides, putting spacers between all the tiles. Butt the final tiles on the ends with a tile saw to fit.

Fifthly, do the same for the next row up, starting at the middle and working to the sides. Build up the wall row by row, putting spacers between the tiles as needed and cutting those at then ends

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