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[Top] Newstar on Times Square in New York

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New quarry black diamond granite

We have new quarry black diamond granite which located in Sichuan, China. It’s almost the absolute black color granite and it’s economical and practical black granite.

Granite is hard and durable natural stone, it becomes the popular stone material used in paving projects. It is well maintained and can evan be used for hundreds of years. In particular, black or dark gray granite is very popular with customers, but ordinary black granite is more expensive, it is very difficult to find cheap black granite. This black diamond granite is our newly mined black granite with low price and good quality.

Newstar Stone on Coverings’ 2019 in Orlando

Newstar Stone attend the Coverings’ show as usual every year. Coverings’ is a show of the global tile and stone experience, and it is Apri.9th-12th in Orlando this year.



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