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How to Buy an Elegant Marble Dining Table

Having an exquisite marble dining table is truly pleasing. The combination of metal base and Seiko marble table, natural texture is a natural beauty. So how do you choose a quality marble table?

marble dining table pic4

16 Anniversary Celebration of Newstar Stone

May 19th, 2018 is a special day,in the mature season of Yangmei, we ushered in the 16th anniversary celebration of Newstar Stone.

Happy 16 Anniversary, Newstar Stone

How to Install the Bathroom Cabinet and Purchase Tips Recommended

In the bathroom, we will install a bathroom cabinet to store some toiletries, such as bath towels, slippers, etc., not only can maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom, but also has a certain decorative effect. Then what precautions are there in the installation of bathroom cabinets? What are the buying techniques for bathroom cabinets?



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