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Talk about "culture stone"

What is the "culture stone", what is it stone? How to use cultural stone decoration and where to buy? I found a lot of building materials market has sales of cultural stone store, a variety of varieties to choose from, style, style different.


The Hazards of Low Quality Marble for Home Decoration

The difference between artificial marble and natural marble


Family stone decoration exquisite know

Usually appear in the stone house renovated space, generally small units even modest two-bedroom, three-bedroom not used. The reason is simple, it is visual, sensory effects that the stone has a "press brothel" role, if a small indoor area, extensive use of stone, then the entire space will become too heavy and cold, warm enough. However, if used improperly stone mansion, the effect will be counterproductive. Therefore, home decoration use stone to be cautious. 


Stone flooring basic daily care knowledge

Whether you are considering buying or already own it, correct care will help maintain the beautiful stone floor floor, play a protective role, after all, they are your carefully selected. Better care, longer service life.


Talk about the natural characteristics of stone used in building Decoration

Featured Stone is up to nature after millions of years of sedimentation formed, different from conventional varieties, the main characteristics of the stone material for the precious rare semi-precious stones and quartz stone materials, rich colors, texture novel unique hardness and hardness of a diamond rather, it is mainly for high-end, personalized villa decoration.


The recommendations of home decoration kitchen countertop

Right now the cabinet table variety, generally with natural stone, artificial stone, fire boards, stainless steel and other categories. They have anti-fouling, anti-scald, anti-acid, anti-scratch surface material should have the basic properties. But their physical performance and price and other aspects have different.


Quality problems of artificial stone

The annual production of artificial stone companies continue to emerge, a variety of man-made stone products is also widely used. With the advent and application of artificial stone, followed by a man-made stone in the installation, use the process exist many problems, such as cracks, deformation, pollution, hollowing, watermarks, scratches and other issues.


The advantages and disadvantages of natural countertop


Natural stone in daily use is mainly divided into two types: marble and granite.

1) Granite countertops

Advantages: Granite density, high hardness, wear-resistant surface is one of the materials are also often used in home decoration, compared with natural marble in the material can be used in kitchen countertops, granite anti-bacterial ability to regenerate better.


What are the characteristics of green artificial marble

Stone composition containing more than 90% of the natural marble, thus preserving natural Dangao Gui, elegant features, a more beautiful color, uniform color, size, accuracy, finish high compression wear, good air permeability, environmental protection, multiple renovation and other characteristics, is a popular international green decoration materials.


Chinese marble

Chinese varieties of marble, about 600 or more.

In China, the development of great potential in white marble. In particular, China's white marble and snow white marble. The typical white buildings from the ancient royal column, to President Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription at the entrance of the China Millennium Monument in white marble inscription, both to highlight one of its Feng Yun cultural connotations. The main origin of Chinese white marble, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Hubei, Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Beijing and other provinces. Market price Hebei Quyang white marble who export prices of $ 300-400 / cubic meter, in the selling price 550 yuan / square meter. Snow White origin in China's Xinjiang, Gansu, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shanxi and other provinces. Heavy Snow White 2CM imported light board, the current domestic market price of about 320 yuan / square meters.



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