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What Is Honed and Filled Travertine


The pits are part of travertine’s inherent beauty, but you may prefer a smoother finish, which does not welcome and trap dirt and crumbs. To eliminate these natural pits, manufacturers fill them. The filler varies by fabricator but is most often either epoxy, a dust and resin mix or colored cement.


Pebble Stone


Pebbles is the incidental when mining yellow sand. And it gets its name because of the shape. As natural stone, pebble stone is taken from sand stone, which experienced the crustal movement millions of years ago. It was flushed by flood, textured and friction by running water. After a long time later, it is tormented by waves flush movement and is rubbed by gravel, then finally it is buried for millions of years. It may come into being because of the flood or debris flow. We can know the  actual reason after searching for geologic structure, environment and the mountain around.


Polishing of bathroom stone

Some people may face to some problems about bathroom stone: being darker, serious damage and surface polish disappear. When these happen, you need to polish the surface. We can get some polishing compound in big construction material market. Polishing compound is combined by polishing powder and polishing solution. There is some small particle in polishing powder, and the main element of polishing solution is surfactant. Sometimes we can also polished by hand to deal with some small damage, while we use machine to polish some large area with damage and unpolished.


Newstar Coverings'16 at Chicago


Newstar attended Coverings’16 the global tile and stone fair in McCormick Place, Chicago Illinois during April 18-21. In booth (3082).



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