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Stone cobbles

Stone cobbles are hand chiseled natural stones which are environmentally sound, recyclable, non-slip, everlasting and require almost no maintenance. The size of cobbles lie between a boulder and a pebble. They can be put to innumerable uses and are generally used for pavements, outhouses and pool sides.


Italian Marble-Perlato Svevo

Italian Marble-Perlato Svevo

 Physical Properties: density 2.65 g/cm3, bibulous rate 0.22%, compressive strength 72.7Mpa, flexural strength 11.4 Mpa, mok's hardness 4.6, glossiness 89.2


countertop edge abstruct

countertop edge abstruct:

The countertop often use by nature granite or artifical quartz.

The edge can devide to  falt,half bulnose,full bullnose,1/4bevel top,3/8bevel top,3/8 radius top,dupont,ogee.

Such as photots:


column and pillar,stone

Some people easily mix column with pillar.But there is a big divergence between them.Column is used more frequent.Columns adds architectural consciousness to any area precisely where they are presen

Happy Birthday to Newstar Stone

Happy Birthday to Newstar Stone
 Newstar stone 20th anniversary The Banquet of Newstar stone 20th anniversary
celebration are held in
Quanzhou China at May
12, 2012. The guests
who attended the
reception include:
customers, suppliers,
family and friends etc. All
Newstar stone members
enjoy the times with all
the attending friends.
They are full of
enthusiasm, passion and

They sing happily for the birthday of NEWSTAR. All people are immersed in the festive mood
In the past decade, it has become history, the next decade, it is about to start flying. At the final of the
party, all Newstar members release the pigeons, flying their dreams, release the peace, and release
the hope! We know that will face more severe challenges in the future; but all of the Newstar stone
members will together with thankful heart, working together, join hands to create more brilliant
tomorrow of Newstar.


 Newstar stone 20th anniversary Newstar stone 20th anniversary

 Newstar stone 20th anniversary Newstar stone 20th anniversary

 Newstar stone 20th anniversary Newstar stone 20th anniversary

With the blessing of all friends, partners and families,party ended!
And we are pleased to share our joy with everyone enjoy the photos! .


Giallo ornamental granite

Giallo ornamental granite is among one of the most well-known commercial granite all over the world. Giallo granites consist of many types classified by coloring and origin, but Giallo ornamental granite is distinctive for its cozy honey-yellow coloring and flecks of dark and gray through the stone. Under such circumstance you can produce the utilization of Giallo granite within your home or hold out space, use complementary colours within your decor to create a cohesive internal design.Giallo ornamental granite can be the best option for kitchen area counter tops and bathroom. It is capable of bearing severe heat in summers and near to zero temperatures in winter. Apart from this it could withstand immense stress and thus producing it ideal for households in which there are children and much more probabilities of breakage. The consistency and ability with this stone is comparable to that of other granite varieties. The slabs are scratch completely free and only an immensely terrific anxiousness can harm it. warm consuming water and cleanup soap could possibly be employed to wipe it clean up collectively with a minor harm to it could possibly be repaired without the need of possessing to replace the whole slab.


Natural stone door pocket

The door pocket is calling of the construction decoration, it refer to the two doorframe. It also called the doorframe.
Stone door pocket belongs to building decoration component. Stone door window set of not only plays adornment door and the role of the doorframe, and can calls adornment photograph echo with the wall. Due to the diversity of the architecture, each of the doors and Windows set are different. So need prior survey, provide accurate size information such as the thickness, that can realize the soundness of door window, precision and stability. In order to ensure quality, our artisans will each product is committed to carve become an artwork. All kinds of stone door pocket (vaulted door pocket), window, line, lock stone, make up of a wide variety style of each doors and Windows. Create a unique style for buildingand room.


Taipei Stone Business Association went to the Huian seek opportunities

BEIJING, Hoi An, March 19 (Sun Shaofeng Suqiao Feng) reporter on the 19th Huian was informed a few days ago, the visiting delegation led by Stephen Chun, president of the Taipei Stone Association, 72 to Hui'an County, Quanzhou visit, to seek cooperation opportunities.

marble Mosiac tile adhesives

Mosiac marble tile adhesives is the material which can obtain from several manufacturers but usually is packed in the barrel or other waterproof vessel.In general,mosaic tile is wall and the floor u

Purple marble-Rosa Levanto

Rosa Levanto
Physical properties: resistance to pressure:75.3Mpa, bending resistance:12Mpa, water absorption:0.25%
The main features: background color of red, white pattern intertwined on the surface. Color: dark red or bright red, with white root, white stripes and good luminosity.



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