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Modern Fireplace Design

With the development of industrial economic, the human desire is infinite increasing, the life style is in incontinence, the climate of the world is faced with more and more serious problems. People more and more pay attention to its requirements of the heating mode, it is necessary to "low carbon" life. It should own the feature of energy saving, saving, environmental protection and green to reflect the low carbon life, as well as you should take the family healthy into account. For the life heating facilities has been very popular right now, so you could install a fireplaceat home. For the household which is contemporary of the interior decoration style now, it is more difficult to find an appropriate heating facility. After all, the modern style of household has some against of the restoring antique fireplace.

The origins of sandstone tiles

Trying to choose a type of stone can be confusing. Here is some basic information on sandstone.

Sandstone is composed essentially of cemented grains of sand, sandstone has a granular texture and is the second most abundant of all sedimentary rock, shale being the first. In addition to quartz,sandstonemay consist of sand sized particles of calcite, gypsum or various iron compounds.

Stone Garden Fountains History


Garden Fountains were first used in the ancient Middle East.  Pictures drawn on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs showed garden fountains in the courtyards of homes.  Often they were rectangular with trees lining the edges.  The shade trees and water provided a cool place to escape the hot sun.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013

Dear Friends & Clients

It is the time of the year to send our best wishes and thanks to you all support in 2012.Newstar Company and all members would like to take this opportunity in thanking all our clients, cooperator for all the hard work, Supporting,Purchasing and there efforts in continuning the success of Newstar 2012 Business!


stone sculpture tools

  Stone Carving Tools We didn't have to go far to find someone stone carving with Rebit Chisels. Noe Costa has been using them for years and has nothing but pr

A variety of Stone surface effects


A variety of Stone surface effects 
First, with the rapid development of stone craft, the effect of treatment on the stone surface more and more rich ,the effect surface of the stone industry, mainly in the following categories: polished, honed, acid-wash, sandblasting, flamed , ax surface,bush hammered, hammering , brushed , Antique, mushroom surface, natural split surface, special surface.

How to keep kitchen countertop in good condition


How to keep kitchen countertop in good condition 

Types of Decorative Stone

When it comes to the garden stone, it will remind us of the decorative stone , which could make your garden more distinctive and beautiful. Well, here we will introduce the types of it for you one by one.
Brick Chips: Brick chips are made from crushed, angular fragments of brick and are used as mulch or as driveway. Brick chips are terra cotta color with deep reds and browns. Sizes range from to 3/4" to 1-1/4".

Natural Golden Sandstone Project

Sandstone, decorated in a simple but elegant, cozy yet luxurious atmosphere of a warm tone Deco, according to the characteristics of this type of stone, commonly used in indoor and outdoor wall decoration, furniture, carvings, garden construction materials used. Quality sandstone structure is very close, even more than the hardness of granite. Durability with marble, granite, sandstone comparable. Sandstone building built since the elegance of a hundred years ago is still lingering charm. Uniform particles of gravel, fine texture, loose structure, so the higher water absorption (higher cost protection), with sound insulation, moisture absorption, resistance to breakage, weathering resistance, fade resistant, water does not melt, radioactive and other characteristics.


Benefits of Applying the Slate Tile in Bathroom

In recent years, many facts have proved that natural stone has become one of the most popular floor materials. They have some potential characteristics, which is very suitable for the bath



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