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Hot Products(Popular stone)

  This is our last products,also almost popular in Stone markets at present. Find them, Go Popular!

<<Onyx Series

<<Marble Sculpture and Special-Shaped


  <<Patten and Mosaic

<<New Products(Granite and Marble)

<<New Products(Artificial Stone)

This is artificial stone, is the new products, and can be used in outdoor, is a kind of environmental protection stone?


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Hot Products(Popular stone)

  This is our last products,also almost popular in Stone markets at present. Find them, Go Popular!

Newstar work uniform design

Looking for fashionable, Newstar work  uniforms designed to fit Newstar brand image!
Profession service and first-class team,a full course of follow-up service for you!


Conference tables granite top

Granite is not only within the family nowadays.Many top.There conference tables granite top to business success is no better way to exchange business success and offices, conference rooms decorated stars granite.Granite can fade with a soft cloth, it seems beautiful day, you install those who buy granite countertops because they do not put their counter top.With the passage of time other mesa began to show wear and tear slowly, they began to look shabby for example, plastic mesa is can over time, and display the stains stick chips cut wood will be shown signs mesa not to repair work mesa stick.There are other counters, granite, the top copy of an artificial based on augmented reality technology complex material these composite mesa looks a lot like granite when they ar installation unfortunately, they will show burn marks if you make a hot pot in its surface.Because of granite top variety of color design beauty and effectiveness in rich, like very much, used for internal and external homes and buildings the reason for using it furniture industry, mainly is aims at the novel.

Newstar Mosaic products

Mosaic:1)      Suitable for indoor and outdoor walls, building exteriors and swimming pools and so on

2)      High and low temperature resistance


Newstar Team

Newstar have a professional team who are specialized in construction and stone industries and all more than 6 years experience in stone interantional market . They can help you to import by step and step ,and suggest you suitable items for your marke or your own house using . ...

Tile backsplash with granite countertops

Tile backsplash with granite countertops is extremely important, because it prevents you from the wall and splash water counter and cooking splash.In addition, the backsplash make kitchen clean and tidy easy to clean so, although it is important to choose the best material and design mesa and sinks, it is also important to select the best material and design backsplash kitchen.There are two important kinds of backsplash.It is wise of you to know these different materials, so that you will be able to choose the most appropriate backsplash for your kitchen.One is the stainless steel.Stainless steel is durable, high temperature resistant however, we can't ignore the steel heat and electricity.In the kitchen clean place is the important stainless steel strongly recommended, because it is very easy to clean and maintenance in addition, it also provides a modern delicate looking at the kitchen.Another kind is the backsplash wallpaper.The biggest advantage in the wallpaper of other types of materials is very cheap and easy to install.

Travertine basement floor

Basements are generally used for the purpose of storage,so not too frequent visits; But some homeowners also use it for other purposes.The use of travertine basement floor  is an important factor in deciding the right flooring option. If your basement is relegated to a storage area only, then you can select concrete flooring.Travertine are generally cut like other types of hard ceramic tile, but more porous than many of them, so be sure to get a good seal, and used in ceramic tile several layers, before and after grouting.Tiles are highly durable, easy to install, can do no professional guidance another great choice is to strengthen the floor, simulation were fine wood floor.The biggest advantage is its ability to resist this voice with the floor to reduce the noise from the basement, especially if you are using it as a game room or a mini-theater just, you need to take some preventive cuts in the edge of the room you must use the same on both sides is a snapline divided into four rooms and even square, and drew the starting point a corner place.Once the sealants dried up, use the hybrid grout instructions, wiping it into line and compressed the ceramic tile wipe down the ceramic tile with a wet sponge, make serum Settings for several days, and then use two layers of seal in the whole floor.

The 11th China Nan an Shuitou International Stone Exhibition

The 11th China Nan an Shuitou International Stone Exhibition

Date:  Nov 08,2011 - Nov 11,2011

Trade Center Adress:  Shuitou Stone Exhibition Hall, Fujian, China


Emperor dark marble tile wall

The humanity will make the earliest stone implement, to explain the ancient Egyptian writing basis the Luo Saita stele, Roman Empire emperor dark marble tile wall head picture and so on more than 270 the biggest comprehensive museum British Museum's collection valuable thing to land for the first time from the world.This displays middle age generation of most remote exhibit article, is also one which of national treasures British Museum collects,emperor dark marble tile wall is "the time immemorial" in the unit one looked that cannot resemble the eye "the stone", this is in the world the known earliest humanity makes the African Tanzania Austria Dewey canyon unearthed more than 200 ten thousand year ago chopping tool hits the system stone implement. In the time immemorial the part, has altogether displayed British Museum's 7 collectors.Inscribed by the history miracle,the artistics wrote on emperor dark marble tile wall these engraved inscriptions to break the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics secret.This wall digged out when 18 century's end Napoleon commands the army expedites Egypt, stationed in the Alexander nearby small village soldier when erecting fortifications.




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