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Kitchen Island top

Most kitchens have to function as a food prep area, cooking station, dining space, and a place to convene. Islands are a great way to separate these zones and to establish the work triangle recommended by kitchen design experts. The work triangle is the area of movement between the sink, stove and refrigerator. Islands tend to work best in L- or U-shaped kitchens. The standard for an island-compatible kitchen is one that measures at least 10- by 10-feet and is open to another room in the home. While there are exceptions, putting an island in a kitchen with lesser dimensions could make it difficult to maneuver through the space. Experts suggest allowing a minimum of 36- to 42-inches as a walkway between existing cabinets and an island. Islands can be closer to plain walls, about 36-inches, but need to be further, 42- inches or more, from appliances, such as stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers so you can open appliance doors without nicking cabinetry or pinning yourself in. You may also like to have a cooktop on your island. This feature may tighten your work triangle, but free up display or workspace on existing countertops. Just remember to allow 12-inches of counter space on each side of your cooktop for fire prevention and ask about building a downdraft vent or installing an overhead hood for proper ventilation. A second sink on your island is a great station for food prep or cleanup. Including a garbage disposal may also be a good idea for an island sink to avoid transporting trash across the kitchen. Islands come in every style, from traditional to contemporary to country. So much more than merely extra counter space, these design gems can be the heart of a kitchen, acting as merely a gathering spot or a fully operational base of kitchen operations. Regardless of the current style of your kitchen, an island can be created to fit the current decor or be the springboard for an entirely new look while increasing the ease of productivity in your culinary center.

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