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Composite marble characteristics

Composite marble,is a marble and other materials composite together , Specifically, it has the following characteristics: (1)marble composite broken force 258N/cm more than three times stronger than the original board. ② tiles and resin layer of the composite plate barrier of water and corrosive substances, eliminating the common problem of cement wet paste, wall stone to direct wet paste, thereby saving the cost of a dry hanging, and reduced dry hanging angles and hanging space occupied, increasing the use of the area. ③light weight: marble composite plate more than two times lighter than the original plate weight. ④marble composite can be used tile construction methods, rather than the marble construction methods, so the ease of construction, saving construction costs. ⑤the bond strength : the test showed that the adhesion force: 91 N/cm2, specifications for 600 * 600mm marble composite panel will not have to divest more than 33 tons of gravitational phenomena. ⑥ marble composite panels are hot for a long time (120 hours) at 100 ℃ environment,not react discoloration and other abnormal reflect. ⑦water absorption is very low: marble composite plate on the back of adhesive completely porcelain tiles, water absorption (0.13%) is very low, less than 0.2%, will not be the cracking. ⑧smooth surface: marble composite plate than the original plate surface smoothness is very good. ⑨ low prices: with thin marble slabs glued to the thick tile, marble composite plate than the original plate price to about 30% lower. ⑩diverse specifications: Specifications for the 600 * 600mm and above the various specifications of marble composite plate husband or other specifications of products according to customer requirements of production.

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