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Mosaic artwork

What is mosaic?

Mosaic ,  a decorative arts, typically use a lot of small stones or colored glass fragments , also known as the flower window glass (stained glass).In Byzantine Empire, mosaic with the rise of Christianity and the development of the form of frescoes in the churches and palaces. Modern mosaic refers to this type of colorful visual effects.Mosaic is one of the oldest known Art Deco, it is a specialmode,usually by dozens of smallpeice composed of a relatively large peice.

Small, colorful features are widely used in small indoor area to wall and outdoor ,slight wall and floor. Smaller mosaic , will have some of  puzzles, resulting in agradient effect,If you have a large bathroom, good lighting effects, you can choose cleaning is definitely better than the other tiles.

Early Greek marble,mosaic  the most commonly used black and white. Only the authority of the rulers and the rich people can afford  purchased. Developed to the late Greek mosaic, the artist in order to more diversified and rich from the work, they need to start with smaller piece of gravel and cutting small stones to complete a mosaic.To the Roman period, Mosaic has developed very common, generally houses and public buildings, floors, walls are usedthe  decorated house which makes Roman the wealthy Roman architecture luxury to an incredible degree .

Mosaic uses
Mainly used for decorative wall and floor,the mosaic of its single unit area, a wide range of colors,Endless combinations, it will be the inspiration of the designer's styling and design performance of the head, enjoy the show its unique the art of charm and personality and temperament. Been widely used in guesthouses, hotels, bars, railway stations, swimming pools, entertainment, ranking home wall surface as well as art parquet.

Mosaic types
Mosaic in accordance with the material can be divided into ceramic mosaic, stone mosaic, metal mosaic and so on.Ceramic mosaic is the most traditional kind of mosaic, small and with that, but was rather monotonous, the lower quality.Marble Mosaic is a medium-term development of a mosaic of varieties of colorful,acid and alkali resistance, good waterproof performance.And natural raw materials,high aesthetic value to most consumers.The glass mosaic is divided into molten glass mosaic, sintered glass mosaic andVenus glass mosaic.


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