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Stone Wood Who is the home of the best partner in the ground?

Home floor or stone flooring shop? These two materials are relatively wear-resistant products, the living room for this public space is more applicable, and stone and the floor has its own advantages, mainly based on personal preferences and living habits to choose. In addition, the choice of decoration materials also need to take into account the home decoration style and local climate, spatial characteristics, and many other aspects.

Paving stone advantages:

1, easy to clean, simple maintenance, easy to hide pollution, no air pollutants. Long service life, generally can use 10-20 years.

2, fire, waterproof, anti-corrosion performance; environmental protection, modeling rich.

3, size and color are more diverse, greater choice, suitable for most consumers aesthetic.


1, comfort, thermal insulation slightly less; cost is relatively high, complex pavement, construction is more complicated.

2, the use of the region has some limitations, texture hard. Some workmanship and quality of the general stone wet weather is easy to slip and damp.

The advantages of paving wood:

1, beautiful, durable, better comfort; use of geothermal heating insulation performance; price slightly cheaper, and the construction is simple, free installation.

2, so that the foot feel comfortable, but can greatly reduce the impact on the floor noise, a fundamental solution to the problem of excessive noise, so that the room more peace.


1, affected by the weather and humidity, not easy to take care of, need regular waxing to do maintenance.

2, wood flooring damp deformation from the Alice, the service life is relatively short.

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