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Stone tiles knowledge


Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are pieces ofs sliced out of boulders into a variety of sizes and shapes. Granite , marble, sandstone and limestone are most commonly used depending upon the general requirements of aesthetic appearance, resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

Types ofs available in tile form
  • Marble Tiles: Marble tiles are fabricated by sawing of marble blocks. They are in full demand today for flooring, counter tops, foyers, walls and window sills. Numerous shades and colors are found in marbles. They are preferred for bathrooms and kitchens. They possesses fairly good abrasion resistance but is not resistant to acids. Therefore, it should be used where only alkaline, vegetable oil, mineral oil or neutral salt solution effluents are encountered. It is not used where food is to be cooked because even a small amount of acid will etch and dull the polish.
  • Sandstone Tiles: Sandstone tiles are fabricated by the sawing of sandstone blocks. These are available in a range of colors and combinations. They are mostly used for flooring and for wall cladding.
  • Granite Tiles: These are fabricated by the sawing of granite blocks. They possess indisputable strength and long term durability. They impart an aesthetic look and add grandeur to any indoor or exterior application. They are mostly used for exterior and interior cladding, flooring, vanities, kitchen counters, fireplaces, shower and tub surrounds.
  • Limestone Tiles: These are fabricated by the sawing of limestone blocks. The surface texture of these tiles is finely grained and have a very good polishing effect. The common colors used are blue, green, brown, desert yellow and black. They are used mostly for counter tops, flooring, interior and exterior wall cladding and exterior paving.
  • Travertine Tiles: Travertine tile is for interior and exterior wall cladding, interior and exterior paving, statuary, and curbing.
  • Quartz - Based Tiles: It is used widely for flooring, fireplaces, bar tops, vanities and shower or tub surrounds. It has flaking and chipping in the un-gauged variety. Because of flaking and chipping it is difficult to walk bare feet on them.
  • Slate Tiles: They are available in a plethora of shapes such as square, rectangular, triangular or custom made shape. The common colors used are green, blue, grey or a combination of different colors. They are used for flooring, fireplaces, bar tops, vanities, shower or tub surrounds.
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