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G603-Pandang Grey Granite

G603 Pandang Grey granite is famous grey granite from China. G603 can be used for granite tiles, slabs,G603 floor and tiles,G603 wall cladding,countertops, vanity tops, paving stone,G603 Pavers,kerbstone, tombstone and monuments, stone carvings, palisade,stone sinks,shower panel,window surround,step and stair,etc. Granite G603 can be polished, flamed, honed, bush-hammed, pineapple,natural spit,chiselled,saw,sandblasted,water-scoring and so on.

G603 is one of the most popular granites in China.There are many G603 products are on sell in our company now, Such as slabs, tiles, cubes, stairs, strips and so on. There are many surface finishing you can choose like polished, honed, bush hammered, flamed, etc.G603 is the material can be widely used in indoor decoration,including wall tiles,columns,skirting,border,etc. It is the best choice for building material. Many sizes are available for G603,we can just produce it as per custoner’s request. We can be our reliable supplier of G603 at excellent quality with competitive prices,We are sure that we will be able to satisfy your need.

G603 Surface Treatment
There are many surface finishing you can choose like polished, honed, bush hammered, flamed,natural,saw,chiselled,water-scroing etc
G603 Polished G603 Flamed
G603 Polished
G603 Flamed
G603 natural G603 Bush-Hammered
G603 Natural Splited
G603 Bush-Hammered

G603 Granite Tiles and Slabs:
(1)Tiles Dimensions:
a) 305 x 305mm or 12 x 12"
b) 400 x 400mm or 16 x 16"
c) 457 x 457mm or 18 x 18"
d) 600 x 600mm or 24 x 24"
e) Thickness: 10mm (3/8"), 12mm (1/2"), and 20mm (3/4") Cut-to-size or any other customized sizes Inner
2) Slab size:2400upx1200upx20mm 2400upx1200upx30mm

G603 Tile G603 tile G603 slab G603 slab
G603 Tiles
G603 Tiles
G603 Slab
G603 Slab

G603 Cobblestone:
G603 Pandang Grey Granite is good stone material for paving stone,kerbstone,Cobble
Normal Sizes: 10x10x5cm, 10x10x8cm, 10x10x10cm, 20x10x5cm, 20x10x8cm, 20x10x10cm, 9x9x4.5cm, 9x9x9cm, 8x8x8cm, 6x6x6cm, 20x10x6cm, 16x8x5cm, 20x20x5cm, 30x60x5~7cm, 45x90x6~8cm,etc.
Surface Treatment: All sides natural split, all sides natural split or sawn then tumble, top flamed/bush hammered/pineapple and edges split, top flamed or bush hammered and edges sawn etc.

G603 cobblestone G603 cobblestone G603 cobblestone G603 cobblestone
G603 cobblestone
G603 cobblestone
G603 cobblestone
G603 cobblestone

G603 Kerbstone and Pavers:
Sizes: Lx20x12.5cm, Lx25x15cm, Lx15x10cm, Lx15x8cm, Lx20x8cm, Lx30x10cm etc.
Surfaces: Polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, pineapple, natural split etc.
Special Treatment: Beveled, round, groove etc.

G603 kerbstone G603 kerbstone G603 kerbstone G603 paver
G603 Kerbstone
G603 Kerbstone
G603 Kerbstone
G603 Driveway Pillar

G603 Construction Products:
G603 also widely used in Construction such as step,stair,Quoins,wall cladding ,Window sill,Door Cap, Door Surrounding,etc

G603 step G603 stair G603 quoins G603 wall cladding
G603 step&stair
G603 step&stair
G603 Quoins
G603 Wall Cladding
G603 wall cladding G603 window sill G603 door cap G603 pillar
G603 Wall Cladding
G603 Window Sill
G603 Door Cap
G603 Pillar

G603 Projects
 G603 project G603 project
G603 Projects
G603 Projects

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