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composite panels stone


composite panels stone 
a) stone -ceramic  tiles composite panel
b) stone - granite composite panels
c) stone - glass composite panels 
d) Stone - honeycomb
the implementation of standards 
JC / T 1049-2007 "ultra-thin natural stone composite panels 
the advantage 
1.Light weight: the thinnest marble composite panels can only 5mm thick (composite aluminum composite panel). Used the composite porcelain 
Brick or granite, only 12mm thick, only about transport saves many of the costs of building load Weight limit, it is the best choice. 
2.High intensity: marble tiles, granite, aluminum honeycomb panels, composite, bending, bending, anti- The shear strength was significantly improved,transportation, installation, use the process greatly reduces the breakage rate. Stains, very difficult to remove. Composite board its backplane more hard and compact, as well as a thin layer of glue Layer, to avoid this from happening. 
3.Easier to control color: marble composite panels cut into 1m2 original board (quintana board) for three or four into a 3m2 or 4m2, its pattern, the color is almost the same as with 100% of the original plate, and thus more likely to ensure a large area To use. 
4.Ease of Installation: have the above characteristics, during the installation process, regardless of weight, easily broken (strength, etc.), or 
5.Break through the restricted area: the decorative parts of the marble, both within the exterior walls, floors, bay windows, porches, desktop, etc 
Etc., the ordinary original board  do not exist, with the exception of the ceiling either marble or granite. A decoration company dare not and can not take the risk. Marble aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb bonded ,After the composite plate to break through the restricted area of ??the decorative stone. Because it is very light and weighs only quintana board 1/5 to 1/10. In order to use decorative stone ceiling perfectly. Noise, moisture: aluminum honeycomb panels and marble composite panels made because of the equilateral hexagonal ,The hollow aluminum Bee core noise, moisture, heat, cold performance. Thus, these features ultra far 
The more the whole body board do not have the performance characteristics. 
6.Energy conservation, energy: stone aluminum honeycomb composite board because there are soundproof, moisture, thermal insulation performance, and thus, Can be installed in the indoor and outdoor reducing the consumption of electricity and heat. 
7.Reduce costs: stone composites are thinner and lighter, transportation and installation saves a part of the cost of And more expensive varieties of stone, made of composite panels are different degrees of price than the original board finished board into This low. 
Both to the advantage of the performance characteristics of the natural stone, marble composite panels have practical performance comparative advantage 
It also determines the sustainable development of its future market trend. More and more countries and international market The widespread use of the area, but also to verify marble composite panels market trends.
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