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Removal and prevention of stone yellow spot surface


Removal and prevention of stone yellow spot surface 
Those for the stone industry, stone happen yellow spot , rust and straw rope phenomenon fully understood, since most Weak than the concept of stone conservation reasons known to all,
tend to wait until the project problems.
The problem occurred?
 First of all, we should clarify the stone causes of vomiting yellow and rust phenomenon.Removal and prevention of stone spit yellow
 1. Stone raw materials higher iron content (such as the American white granite), carbon dioxide in air and water with iron reaction titania, and discharged through the stone pores, the formation of the macula.
2. Stone surface residual iron filings in the sawing process, such as rinse water is not clean, long-term storage and the formation of ironRust.
 3. Anchor bars rust caused by rust.
4.Stone finished tied to rope packaging, in contact with water or moisture, long-term storage or long-distance transport, easy lead
5.Stone wet hanging installation, the cement mortar in the curing process, through the the stone pores mortar pigment,Discharge stone surface, the formation of pigmentation, especially light-colored or white stone (such as Volakas white, Aristone White, Spain Beige) and the most prone to this phenomenon.
Clear the stone spit yellow phenomenon can be divided into two kinds of physical removal and chemical removal.
Physical Clear: polishing abrasive macular worn away. However, this method is more suitable for  stone on not installed Material, little significance for the installed stone or shaped stone material and labor costs.
Chemical clear: As we all know, the main constituent of the rust is a mixture of ferric hydroxide, iron hydroxide.
Therefore, as long as the correct materials and methods, the use of chemical removal is the most simple and economic. Traditional chemical clear
The advantages of these two is cleaned fast, low cost, but at
If not promptly wash with water or flushing thoroughly reasonable, often counterproductive, untreated non-yellowing, at Treated instead "relapse" serious will destroy the gloss of the stone.
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