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Why use stones as a building material

Stones symbolize the firm, strong, tenacious and a variety of what we aspire to quality. Therefore, in ancient time people use stone analogy with conviction refers to a firm friendship with stone crossdescribe a robust defense of the city.People often say that building is a stone-written book. The history of the stone due to the construction and particularly into the course of human civilization. Since ancient times, from the structure of the building, to the construction surface of the pavement, to the built environment in the decorative stone has been playing an important role. The choice of stone, portfolio, sculpture can be assigned to the System of buildings of different character and charm.Nowadays, science and technology with each passing day, the building material has been far more than the construction with stone, a variety of novel materials can achieve almost any effect desired by the people, the stone has never lost its luster, and still affects people's dreams. However,stone is still noble, elegant, calm, generous standing in the throne of the Kingdom of materials, to people about it the course of civilization for thousands of years, several thousand years a mysterious mission, thousands of years the vicissitudes of change.


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