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Kitchen countertops can be one of the most expensive parts of any kitchen remodel, so choosing wisely can save you big money.

Kitchen countertops can cost thousands of dollars, so you want them to last for many years. Consumer Reports tests countertops and can tell you which will stay looking good the longest.

Beautiful new countertops can be the focal point of your kitchen, but it's important to know how the different materials will hold up in the busiest room of the house.

There are so many choices from quartz, granite, solid surface to recycled glass.To tested the different materials for durability. We ask questions: "Will it stain? Will it scratch? Will the edges hold up over time? We want to make sure that countertop performs as you would intend it to."

Our tests show that quartz and granite are both consistently the most durable products on the market," Both quartz and granite come in a variety of colors and styles, and they're ideal for a high-traffic kitchen.

While both quartz and granite have similar high scores for durability, be aware granite needs resealing periodically to keep it resistant to water and stains.

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