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Variations of Crema Marfil Marble


The Crema Marfil is a Spanish beige marble from Spain with a considerable demand worldwide. When it comes to the variations of it, there are various on the market which being currently extracted from different quarries.

To begin with, there are the Zafra and Coto areas, where the large majority of Crema Marfil is extracted. But there are also other areas with Crema Marfil quarries, which will extract different variations. And in each one of these areas and quarries, several specific variations are extracted, or better known as grades. A common standard for grading Crema Marfil is:

1.Basic: the lower grade and cheapest

2.Classic: also a lower grade, but with more selection

3.Commercial: the most common grade, which can also have several grades within, such as Commercial A, B and so on.

4. Standard: which is a high grade, in most cases at a competitive price and with good selection

5.First: the highest grade and most expensive. This is the top selection of Crema Marfil and quantities are not so large, and normally take longer to produce.

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