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Advantage of Compound Marble Tile

1, light weight

The thinnest of marble composite slab can be only 5 mm thick (compound with aluminum-plastic plate). The commonly used composite ceramic tile or granite is also only 12 mm thick or so. Thus, the cost of transportation would be saved a lot. It would be the best choice if the building has a load limitation.

2, increase strength

After the compound for the marble with the ceramic,, and aluminum honeycomb panel, the strength of bending, bending resistance, shear resistance are improved, and greatly reduce the breakage rate in the process of transportation, installation and application.

3, the improvement of pollution capability

The ordinary (original plate), in the process of installation or in use, if it uses the cement wet to stick, the marble surface appear all sorts of different color and besmirch after half an year or a year later, which is very difficult to remove. Since the composite panel is more hard and dense, as well as owning a thin layer of glue line, which could avoid this kind of circumstance happen.

4, easier to control the color difference

Since the marble composite is using the original plate with 1.2m to cut into 3 pieces or 4 pieces, and it becomes into 3.2m or 4.2m. The pattern and color of 3.2m and 4.2m are almost identical. Thus, it is more likely to ensure the consistency of the pattern and color when it is applied in large area.

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