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Stone maintenance instructions

Stone floor due to natural water absorption, so if not careful to coffee, tea and other color drinks, overturned on the stone floor, it will be left behind after the absorption of yellow stains, if not pay attention to handling casually with a cleaning agent to erase , It will leave traces of corrosion, perhaps stains removed, but the luster is gone. It is necessary to choose pure neutral detergent pollution of the pigment, the oil can be broken down.

Stone maintenance should be noted:

Need to regularly wipe, keep the surface clean and regular waxing polishing, to maintain the stone surface has always been like a new look.

Acidic chemical products to avoid direct contact with the stone surface, so as not to cause chemical reactions, resulting in color differences or affect the quality of stone.

As far as possible to avoid the shoe nail directly, often friction ground, causing the stone surface rough matte.

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