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Stone fire process shortcomings and limitations

Stone fire can play a non-slip effect, most of the square stone after fire treatment, but the fire process also has certain disadvantages and limitations.

Fire matte process mostly only used on granite stone, marble, sandstone, slate is not singeing process, this decision is due to the chemical composition of the stone. The fire surface rough degree can not be artificially controlled, but the stone itself texture decision, coarse-grained structure of rock the fire surface must be rough, fine-grained rock of relatively delicate.

, Stone after a high temperature fire, surface rupture, close to the the burst the PowerPhone site of minerals, of course, did not completely burst, but the structure of the mineral has been damaged. That rock processed by high-temperature baking, the physical properties of the rock has changed, decreased resistance to weathering. Some white granite fire matte highlight rust freckles.

The stone fire process for notions such as low carbon stone, large energy consumption, does not meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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