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Red Color


Yellow Color


Origin: Brazil
Obvious directionality characteristics: material, background color red, yellow two.
Physical characteristics: Jinma Guang degree California :80-85, bulk density: 2.63 g/cm3 Water Absorption: 0.22% Compressive strength: 123.0 Mpa, flexural strength: 9.7 Mpa
Caution: oil spots, but for a long time will evaporate, fire will mitigate, good anti-oil treatment.
Scope: facades, flower line

GIALLO CALIFORNIA origin Brazil, overall staggered for the red and black or red stripes and black stripes, a clear pattern for natural granite for indoor wall installation. Jinbi World, Baoshan Hotel, Houjie China Resources malls in major project, the successful application of this stone, due to grain direction consistent messy if processed into cylindrical, like a snake circling on the very good results. Should pay attention to, such as processing large chord length arc board easy to deform.

GIALLO CALIFORNIA - granite structure is dense, hard texture, acid and alkali, good weather resistance, long-term outdoor use. Granite characteristic advantages include high load bearing, compressive strength and a good grinding ductility, it is easy to cut and shape the sheet, you can create a large board, can be made into a variety of surface effects - polished, honed, fine grinding, burning, waterjet processing and sandblasting. Generally used for the ground level, the base, stepping, cornices, etc., used for interior and exterior walls, floors, decorative cylinders etc..

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