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Marble vs. Solid Surface for Shower Seats

Marble vs. Solid Surface for Shower Seats
A shower seat is a great addition to any shower surround. A seat can enable the user to relax during a shower and can also make a shower surround universally accessible, allowing wheelchair users to transfer in. While a number of materials are used to make a shower seat, marble and solid-surface materials such as Corian are frequently ready-formed and easy to install. Each surface has a different appearance and care requirements.
Marble Overview
Marble is a metamorphic natural stone made up mostly of calcite. Quarried in huge blocks, it can be formed into slabs or tiles, and is frequently used as part of a bathroom design. Marble can contain multiple veins, various colors and design attributes and can be installed on a shower seat either as tiles or a solid slab.
Solid-Surface Overview
A solid-surface material is made up polyester acrylic plastics, which have been melted and poured into a mold. The color goes straight through the material, and solid surface products can include shower surrounds, benches, countertops and other slabs. A solid surface bench may be included in a solid surface shower surround, and is made of one piece.
Marble Care
Marble is porous and can absorb impurities in water, soaps and shampoos, dulling and staining its finish. Maintaining the stone in these surroundings requires sealing with an impregnating sealer on a regular basis. This will help impede staining and maintain the marble's beauty. Marble should also be cleaned with a stone cleaner, and dried thoroughly after each use. Grout lines in marble tiles can be treated the same way, helping maintain the entire seat together.
Solid-Surface Care
Solid-surface materials are easy to care for. While they can scratch if subjected to an abrasive material, they do not stain and are nonporous. Scratches can be repaired easily, as the color goes through the material.
Marble Appearance
If you have other marble already in the bathroom, a marble shower seat can help complement it. A marble shower seat has a unique and natural pattern of veins, as well as a unique coloration. If properly cared for, a polished marble shower seat can provide an elegant design element for years.
Solid-Surface Appearance
A solid-surface shower seat has plastic appearance. If a solid-surface counter is in the room, adding the seat can lend a cohesive look to the bathroom design. Solid-surface materials are seamless, and can be molded into a variety of sizes and edge treatments that can complement the rest of the room and design. Colors are numerous, but uniform with the same pattern existing on all areas of the seat.
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