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How to Clean Stains from Granite Countertops

How to Clean Stains from Granite Countertops

Granite is a stone that adds elegance to any surface of the home. Granite countertops are popular in kitchens and bathrooms. They are durable and long-lasting. Granite is not, however, stain-proof. When stains form on granite, they penetrate deep into the stone, making removal a more difficult process than with other types of countertops. Removing stains from granite countertops requires the proper products and methods.
Fill the sink with a water-and-alcohol solution. Mix equal parts rubbing alcohol and water.
Dip a rag into the sink and wring it out lightly. Scrub the stained area of the granite with the rag. Wipe down the area with a dry rag and inspect the stain. This may help to lighten the stain or even remove it completely if the stain is not set in.
Fill a bowl with 1 cup of talcum powder to create a poultice if the stain is still present. The type of chemical you will use in your poultice will depend on the type of stain. Use hydrogen peroxide for coffee, soda, tea, mustard, dyes, dirt and other organic and inorganic stains. Use rubbing alcohol for ink stains. Use pure acetone for oil stains, including butter and margarine stains. Use bleach for biological stains such as mildew and mold. Use a rust remover product for metal stains such as rust and copper. Slowly add the appropriate agent while stirring the mixture with a fork. Add enough of the chemical agent to form a paste the consistency of peanut butter. The exact amount of the chemical agent will vary as the consistency of the different chemicals varies.
Lightly dampen the stained area with water. Scoop a generous amount of the poultice from the bowl using a dry rag. Apply a layer between ? and ? inch thick to the stain. Apply the mixture only to the stained area of the granite.
Cover the stained area with plastic wrap. Use tape to secure the edges of the plastic wrap to the countertop. Puncture two or three holes in the top of the plastic wrap to help the poultice dry quicker. Allow the poultice to set on the stain for 24 hours.
Remove the plastic wrap from the countertop to expose the poultice. Allow the uncovered poultice to remain on the countertop until it is completely dry. This can range in time from a few hours to a couple of days. The poultice will be hard to the touch when it has dried completely.
Scrape the poultice from the countertop using a plastic scraper. Wipe down the area with a damp rag.
Repeat the process of applying the poultice if the stain remains. For deep stains, two or more applications of the poultice may be required to completely remove the stain.
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