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Kitchen Island


Kitchen    Island


At the center of that busy kitchen , many times there is an island. How much space do you need in your to have an island? What about the furniture around it? You could get the information of such problems as follow.


For the space problem, one of the most important considerations is allowing for ample walkways and room around the island. The minimum size for a comfortable island is about four feet long and at least two feet deep, so unless your kitchen is at least 8’ x 12’, and island probably isn’t an option. However, you might consider a rolling cart on casters or a tall pub table where you can both eat and prep food. Either way, you should allow at least 30-34 inches between the island and your surrounding countertops and cabinetry. In main traffic ways or walls with appliances, allow more space—42 to 48 inches between the island and wall. Be sure to allow space to open a refrigerator or dishwasher door and still have room for people to pass by.


And if you have seating at the island, you’ll also need to allow space to pull out stools. At least 48 inches clearance on the seating side is ideal. One more thought—the island does not have to be centered in the kitchen. It can gravitate closer to the cooking area, creating a narrower aisle, to discourage guests and children from taking that route and acting as a buffer to the cooking zone.




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