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Process to Remove the Marble Etching


Marble stone looks beautiful just about everywhere you put it. Unfortunately, after some wear and tear thes-pours qualities lead to etching, water-marks, scratches, stains and dullness. True that professional refinishing of damaged surfaces is a cheaper solution to replacement – but according to the following processes, you could remove the stains by yourself easily.

1)    Repair the marble tile etching is to sand down the surface with a twelve hundred grit wed grinding pad. Moderate pressure is required in this step - using water, 25-50 circular strokes over the affected area will remove etching damage caused by acidic cleaners or liquids and light scratches from wear and tear. Be sure to grind as little an area as possible, as we will have to polish everywhere the pad touched.
2)    After shaking polishing cream #1, apply a generous amount of the compound to the damaged surface. Next, attach white pad number one to the plastic pad holder. Vigorously apply heavy pressure in 50+ circular strokes. Be sure to cover the entire marble area that was ground in step one.
3)    Clean the using the included stone cleaner and water; dry the marble surface with paper towel.
4)    Shake polishing cream #2, and apply a generous amount to the damaged surface. Attach white pad #2 to the plastic pad holder and vigorously apply heavy pressure in 50+ circular strokes. Again cover the entire area you polished in step two, plus little more.
5)    After cleaning the again with the Stone Cleaner, use Stone Polish to brighten the surface and improve the quality of shine. You should be buffing with paper towel in a circualr motion.

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