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How to Clean Onyx Countertops

When they asked why choose Onyxs, most people would mention their beauty with various warm color hues running through them. Yeah, it is perfect as ornament especially when there is a suitable lighting to highlight it. While since it is made of calcite, it is prone to etching by various acids that are commonly encountered ins such as those from strong cleaners and tomatoes. You would therefore need to clean it more than harder materials, more cleaning steps, just take the following into account

Step 1 – Preventing Acid Etching

To prevent various acids from etching your onyx countertop, seal it with a sealant that is food safe. Apply it according to what is specified on the package and do another application when water does not form beads on the surface anymore.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Countertop

Use a mild cleanser and soft cloth when cleaning your onyx countertop . Find something that has “green” printed on the label since suchs are generally safer for onyx. Check to see if it is stone safe as well since many cleansers have too much acid for onyx

Step 3 – Blotting Spills

For spills that happen on the onyx countertop , blot them off immediately. Never wipe them since the potential damage of the spill can widen. Leaving a spill for longer periods will likewise cause damage to onyx especially if it is acidic.

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