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How to Choose Marble Slabs

The tonal of marble slab is with diversity, which generally can be divided into the white series, rice series, brunet series, even red series. What’s more, decorative pattern of each piece is regarded as the job of nature, as well as wonderful artical excelling nature, which without the same grain. This is the unique charm of natural marble , which is also the reason that its price is quite expensive. But do you know there is existing skills when choose the naturals?


Initially, you should observe the uniformity and integrity of marble slab. Observe the surface structure of stone material with macroscopic. The exquisite of the particle, the better of the quality it represents, while if the structure surface existing cracks, it is easy to break in the future, which is also not so beautiful for the appearance of the material.


Secondly, use hand to knock stone material for inspecting the solid degrees. When choosing marble slab, you can knock on the surface of marble slab, listen to the sound, feel and touch it. If a good quality stone will be ringing voice of a solid feel, in order to avoid pick up the poor stone material that there is slight crack in internal.


Thirdly, we recommend the white marble for the wall and ceiling. Natural marble with white series is quite suitable for the base color of space, which can be used in the interior space of the floorings and walls, to set off the change of other color, shape and material indoor, it also has space amplification function at the same time. However, the white series natural marble mostly with bigger pore, higher water absorption. And stone material with brunet series marble is soft, compared with the brunet series, the white marble slab need much care. So we suggest that use this type of white marble slab at the wall or the ceiling where isn’t often contacted.

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