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Christmas in Newstar

Christmas is an exciting day. We Newstar had some activities to celebrate with our friend around the world. Newstar shows our happy, passion, dreams and endeavor again to everyone.
First of all, all of us took part in the video shooting to show our wishes. We spoke in different languages, like Italian, Spanish, Russian, and so on, to say “Merry Christmas”. Besides, we took another video to give wishes to our colleagues, friends, and families. Newstar is always in a happy environment.
Also, Newstar participate the Christmas party held by local chamber of commerce. There was dance, songs, drama performance, etc. And every participator got a sweepstake. To win the surprising, as clothes, cups, iphone6, etc. It was lucky and excited that Kob got the iPod mini. 
Besides, we used fingers to finish the painting of Plum Blossom. And Newstar had a buffet for every labor. Everyone enjoyed the food, fruit and drinks with laugh and joy. And again, we expressed our wishes to other workmates. There is no age difference, no gender gap and no professional distance. All the Newstar workers just said what we thought and what we wanted at that time. 
All these things were done in order to help us living a full life, and it not only makes us happy, improved the communication between workers, but also increased our confidence in the future work. We are pleasure to invite you to visit us and enjoy your special time in Newstar, maybe you could enjoy your Christmas Day in Newstar next time.


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