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Happy Spring Festival(Happy New Year)

Happy Spring Festival

On the occasion of the New Year, may Newstars extend to you and yours our warmest greetings, wishing you a happy New Year, your career greater success and your family happiness.

Lunar New Year , the most solemn of traditional Chinese folk festivals. First day of the first lunar month in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, known as the Moon, commonly known as "New Year" and "New Year." The long history of the Spring Festival, which originatedinthe Shang period the year draws to aclose servicemen and the memorial activities.Stanza frontstick in an on the face the New Year's Day of the implied meaning of the yellow word in red paper in top send messageby word and the god of wealthresembles with hang deep red lantern etc.. The Chinese New Year is a close relatives the festival of the family reunion.The not far a longdistance in child that leave the house returns to the home.The family rounds to sit together a dumpling, use the dumpling symbol family reunion.The beginning of January is on thering is fiesta cooking stove etc. rites before;In the stanzamake New Year's visit the child New Year's Money, friend etc. 

Happy Spring Festival


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