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Antique & leather surface


              Antique & leather surface


After the advent of he stone leather surface process, many customers phoned consulting leather face exactly what process it with the industry, 

where the difference between antique surface? Answers are as follows:

Leather surface with antique surface differences:


1, Material: Antique surface treatment process with antique brush, the brush  by silicon carbide particles nylon, leather surface is Diamond brush by diamond particles nylon wire brush, grinding of the latter much higher than the former.

2.Stone: marble, granite, slate, travertine, mushroom, etc., can be used to make antique Process, while the leather surface is specifically in the granite stone, as Diamond grinding strong, marble texture is soft and not suitable for production of leather surface.

3.Process: production of antique technology needs to be do firstly pretreatment process, Process and the making of the leather surface, granite without any pre-treatment, directly began grinding.

4, process: the antique face the process: pretreatment antique brush; leather surface processes: Diamond brush antique brush

5.Cost: relative Antique process in terms of production, the production cost of the leather surface to be slightly higher.



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