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The Effortless Beauty of Genuine Granite Benches and Tables

The Effortless Beauty of Genuine Granite Benches and Tables
Offering natural elegance, Nelson Granite's genuine granite benches and tables appeal to the discriminating homeowner, business owner, developer and landscape architect. We craft quality garden accents, made of fine granite from our own quarries. All of our five colors - from the warm, rose tones of Vermilion to the rich, earthy colors in Canadian Mahogany - look stunning in any outdoor setting.

Nelson Granite's distinctive benches and tables are immensely popular because of their high degree of hardness and durability as well as their resistance to stains and scratching. Nothing beats granite for outdoor benches and tables; they are impervious to hot and cold and the color will never fade.

We offer a wide array of designs that sit well in private gardens, public parks, golf courses, school campuses and countless other locations. These are just some of our many stylish selections.

Picnic Tables and Matching Benches
Ideal for the private garden or the public recreation area, these timeless selections are both highly attractive and functional. Because granite is resilient, they require no maintenance.

Millstone Benches
Spanning 30 and 40 inches across, these one-of-a-kind benches provide a unique focal point for any location. They mix contemporary good looks with a reminder of quieter, simpler times.

Kidney-Shaped Benches

A classic choice, these outdoor benches are a favorite among discerning homeowners and landscape architects. They offer an intimate spot to sit and admire the surroundings. Kidney-shaped benches look fantastic nestled among garden greenery.

Stump Benches
These delightful 16" X 16" benches do double duty, offering not only a place to sit in a garden or public park, but also working as small tables or planters. Due to the weight of genuine granite, they are vandal resistant and are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial landscape projects.

One-Ton Benches with Steel Lift Rings

Solid and indestructible, these simple benches provide a place to sit while displaying the natural beauty of genuine granite. At 48 " long and 26" deep, these benches are well proportioned. The uncomplicated design works well in any outdoor setting and is a true reflection of artistry and utility!

Nelson Granite has so many styles to choose from, including S-shaped benches, pedestal benches and lots of others. Contact us today to find out about our competitive pricing or to get more information about all of our outdoor benches and tables.

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