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Culture stone installation


Culture stone installation

Specific installation method is as follows:

One wall treatment to clean and make a rough surface, , (if plastic or wood, shall be with barbed wire low water absorption, smooth surface and make the rough underside, full health and then paving.)

Paste culture stone before be sure to first culture stone arranged on flat ground with the best results in the ranking Stones (similar size, shape, color, culture stone not adjacent).

1. Cement layer

2. Culture stone layer

Cemented seams layer

Third, more than 425 white cement, ordinary Portland cement (cement: sand: 801 glue ratio of 1:2:0.03), a ceramic adhesive (Please note that the use of an adhesive described) the performance special adhesive can be used as adhesive.

1. Culture stone

Cement tanks (to increase the adhesive strength)

3. Adhesive

Fourth, cultural stone full invasion wet

First posted corner. Fully pressed, culture stone visible around the adhesive extrusion (some products do not need to corner)

VI construction needs, can be cut to adjust the culture stone.

Seven, with a plastic bag filled with paint to fill in the gap, pay attention to the depth of the deeper crevice of the three-dimensional effect of the product

Eight sealant after the initial setting, using bamboo and other excess caulk material removed brush with water on the surface of the repair gap, such as accidentally culture stone surfaces stick with a small amount of sealant or adhesive, wait until after drying, was removed with a brush. Better. Some products are not to be left seam.


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