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Classic slate


Introduction for Two Types of Classic slate


When it comes to the classic appearance for the home interior and exterior decoration, the first impression may be the slate or the travertine. Well, don’t forget the sandstone, which would be also an ideal option. 
The first one that we would like to introduce with you is the graphite sandstone. A predominant blend of light and dark greys is with the delicate tones of buff, brown and pink. It is Calibrated only. Thus, consider the use of Midnight Blue natural stonekerbs to vary the level of your patio. And due to the limited availability of this product , the stock shortages occasionally occur.
Another one that you may be interested is the savannah sandstone. Subtle shades of gold, salmon, brown and yellow provide a warm combination of colours to enhance any patio or garden. It is in 25 - 40mm thickness of project packs. When laying out your chosen design, if laid diagonally across the line of your garden, this will help enhance the feeling of greater space.

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