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Care onyx stone

Distinguished by their translucency and sensuous hues, onyx stones exude luxury and glamour. Many home surfaces, including countertops, sinks and fireplace surrounds, are fabricated of onyx stone. Onyx is also used in jewelry pieces. Like all natural stones, onyx necessitates proper care to retain its beauty. Onyx surfaces inevitably collect grime that, if disregarded, may scratch the stone’s soft, brittle surface. Regularly cleaning onyx stone surfaces minimizes grime buildup and protects them from damages. 

Instructions as follows:


Firstly, wipe any spilled liquid off the onyx surface using a dry cotton rag. Vinegar and acidic beverages may stain onyx over time.

Secondly, prepare a solution for cleaning the onyx. Squirt a dash (about 1/2-tsp) of neutral stone soap into a 1-gallon container.

Thirdly, fill the container with 1 quart of warm water. Mix the soap and water.

Fourthly, dampen another cotton rag in the neutral solution. Wring the rag firmly, and then wipe the onyx surface to remove grime. As you clean the onyx, regularly rinse grime from the rag using clean water.

Fifthly, moisten a fresh rag with water. Wipe the onyx to rinse away the soapy grime.

Sixthly, dry the moistened onyx with a cotton towel.

Tips & Warnings

Substitute a non-acidic cleaning spray for the neutral soap solution.

Vinegar and acidic cleaners damage onyx surfaces.

Abrasive cleaning materials scratch onyx surfaces.

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