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2013 Kitchen Island Design Trend

No matter the long island or the short one for the inside outside kitchen , it always gives the room special, thus, the design trends of kitchen islands are paid more and more attention by the home owners, what about you? If you are in the process of decoration, if you are considering to installing a kitchen island, just don’t miss out the following design trends in 2013.

The first one is larger kitchens for entertaining that integrate with family space.  For several jobs we did this year, not only is the kitchen larger, but it seamlessly integrates with family and entertaining space — den, dining area, etc. Some kitchens also transition beautifully to the outdoor living space for a full indoor/outdoor experience. Most of the designs were not “out and out” great rooms like we did in the past with one gigantic space that housed all these rooms. Instead, we widened doorways, opened up walls either fully or partially, and incorporated walls of glass that open to the outdoor patios and gardens. The result is a warmer space that we flooded with many forms of light — especially natural light. This new “great room” style creates intimacy yet can accommodate large crowds as well.

Well, it is also possible to downsize kitchens. In the past year, we have had a number of clients who are downsizing from their large residences to a smaller, more manageable size. They had grown use to all the amenities and benefits of their large kitchen and don’t want to give up those features in their new smaller space. Our challenge is to balance those conveniences within their new smaller space.

And don’t forget to storage efficiency in every room including the garage and basement. Good design and aesthetics are keys when we design cabinetry for other rooms in the home. It gives us tremendous satisfaction when clients equally come in raving about these added spaces and how much “good design” changed their lives.  Well-designed storage space with appropriate interior components should align with the architectural integrity of the home AND match the needs and individuality of each client.

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