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Basalt usage and charater


Basalt is also a quality traffic building stone, especially one of the best building materials in the construction and construction of roads, railways, ports, airport runways and other projects, which has a high compressive strength, low crushing value, wear-resistant, the weak low water absorption, conductivity, corrosion resistance, asphalt adhesion, international recognition, the development of rail transport and road transport best cornerstone.


The basalt excellent performance of compressive and flexural conditions, and good wear resistance, low water absorption, which is also very good decorative building materials, widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, and is mainly used for outdoor stone, the color of natural , can be well coordinated and the surrounding landscape, very suitable for outdoor landscape construction, especially the ground floor stone best choice. But, as described earlier, basalt easy to form a hexagonal columnar joints and brittle stone blocks are generally small, the lack of aniseed, not easy to produce large-size sheet.


Multi-vesicular basalt, also known as pumice, its pores, hard texture, you can mix it in the concrete, the concrete weight, not only durable, sound and heat insulation characteristics, high-rise building of lightweight concrete aggregate. Good pumice or abrasive materials, can be used to grind metal, grinding stone; also in industry as a filter, dryer, catalyst, is also widely used in landscape, mainly used as a rockery, bonsai, etc. , but also for home decoration.


Basalt uses a wide range of application and is not confined in the construction industry, such as basalt is a good raw material for the production of "cast stone", which are melted and cast, the crystallization process, annealing processes, the formation of hard and wear-resistant alloy steel than lead and rubber anti-corrosion of a new material; basalt advanced technology in a cast steel, has played the role of the "lubricant", the Commissioner of casting life; the basalt also can be pumped into a glass, made into basalt glass fiber cloth than the average glass fiber cloth, alkali resistance, high temperature performance.

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