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Stone maintenance process


Stone material maintenance operation and crystallization process renovation project


(1), into a dry - this process operating in two different conditions, (1) original end joint of stain, we adopt far infrared ray lamp heating drying. (2) other surface moisture, natural dry. As a result, the water damage phenomenon has thoroughly remove, both economic and reasonable, the customer is very satisfied.


2] fill - in alcoves, caulking methods to solve seepage water alcoves is an important prevention measures. Attaches great importance to the caulking work needed. Caulking materials shall be good adhesion, no powder, waterproof, can grinding polishing, we choose Germany super marble cracks supplements, according to the process for the filler to fill (fill surface with stone material surface flat, caulking should be uniform, prevent omissions.) And after two hours of drying curing.


(3), leveling, grinding and polishing - given the served do waterproof before, cause discolor stone, we don't directly adopt the method of leveling grind, but rather with O# first steel wool, with special equipment for abrasive to clean and grind to color of stone material surface layer, showing great gray original impression. Luckily, due to the protective agent into the extent to which end is very light, we only use the above plan has received the good effect, make us worry about discoloration of governance. The second use marble diamond grinding, grinding, grinding and polishing step by step, and unused.


(4) and yellow rust treatment - depending on the overall plan, first to the rusty spot, use steel wool polishing, removing surface rust, and then use special marble rust removing rust remover. Clean the surface drying wet rust rust removal process is as follows: stick a white towel deruster hood to apply plastic film sealing surface aging treatment in 3 hours with a neutral detergent wash to dry after washing (one-time can't remove all traces of rust to processing)


[5], waterproof, protection, in order to avoid customer appeared again in the future, rusty, marble and other pollution, is our solution, on the ground after grinding, we learn the lesson of the original protective color, choose several good waterproofing agent, take the same stone did experiments, check the protection on the one hand, on the other hand to check whether to change stone color, and dosage according to water absorption process. After we ready the above, we begin to large area on the surface of the protective treatment. Protective treatment we mainly pays special attention to the following process: (1) clean end. (2) fully dry. Evenly (protective agent, nourishes served, shall not leak brush, not too much, to prevent the accumulation, the former influence protective effect, the latter effect is beautiful and clean up the difficulty. (4) the natural condition, the dry ventilation more than 24 hours.
[6], crystal processing: after the above process, can the crystal processing, we use a crystal hardened agent in Spain, adding light in use process according to its specifications, through pressurization equipment, low speed grinding, make reacts thermalization agent products, non-slip which created the ground hard and mirror.
Stone material processing of external wall seepage and pollution
Due to the building came to pivot, relatively pollution is especially serious. Because the stone material itself has wool stoma, SAP, air pollution, dust and acid gas in the air, vehicle exhaust, etc., accumulate over a long period of sandstone surface adhesion. Can the sandstone layer of wax, but la processing can be considerable attention.

Stone care


As the name suggests, refers to the stone material maintenance and protection.
Protective stone, it is to point to will wax or daub on the stone protective agent, protect the stone from the influence of the external environment; Maintenance of stone material, it is to point to clean stone material pollution, stone and stone polishing coloring, etc.
Wax is more often used a stone protective agent, now mostly use wax to protect domestic stone material, but the sealant wax is a breathable, after wax has finished, although it could not enter inside the stone in the water and moisture, but inside the stone and the moisture also can't send out, stored up inside the stone, will lead to stone disease. Wax at the same time as the number of times increases, stone color deepens, vulnerable to pollution, and wax wax scale formation, cleaning is not very convenient, can only solve back up off the old wax, wax and often will damage the stone surface. Now Europe and the United States and Japan, basically has not adopt the way of wax to curing stone. Most of them adopt is a kind of advanced high-tech products - osmotic protective agent.
Osmotic protective agent could be divided into two kinds of solvent and water based, its protection principle is an effective deep inside the stone material with the solvent, after being natural volatile solvent, effective substances left in stone material interior and surface, forming a protective barrier to prevent external pollution, prevent stone material interior and seepage at the bottom of the pollution, so as to maintain the original stone, extend the life of the stone. The purpose of Solvent protective agent of solvent has a very strong volatile, flammable, smelly, and with a certain toxicity, so construction must keep well ventilated; The protective agent is a kind of environment-friendly water-based protective agent, colorless, non-toxic tasteless, not burning, no impact on the environment.
Any a kind of permeable stone protective agent can form a protective layer, therefore, relatively soft stone material surface after protection will be wear and tear. In order to improve the wear resistance of stone material, can do a layer of surface protective treatment in stone material surface. Now widely used abroad is a surface protective agent, contains no wax, is a kind of "breath" protectant, get protection, make the stone already and keep the natural bright beautiful color stone material.
Late of stone material maintenance
Late of stone material maintenance is also very important. In order to keep the stone bright beautiful, careful maintenance is necessary. It includes daily cleaning, decontamination and glazing three aspects. Daily cleaning water are available, and also can use some neutral detergent. Must be dried after cleaning the surface, avoid the pollution caused by the residual moisture, and damage the luster of the stone. Daily cleaning cleaning only some surface dust and dirt, if encounter some special pollution such as plant pigment pollution, oil, rust, etc., you must use special cleaning agents to clean up. If the surface is not very glossy or have Nick has lost its luster, even will be for polishing or grinding stone. Glazing with special potion, daub after polished the opportunity to increase brightness, stone also can improve the wear resistance. Grinding will be subject to the damage degree of the stone, light person cooperate with potions in polishing by hand, the person that weigh will need grinding machine with special potion, can make the stone material to restore the original luster.
Natural stone

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