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How to repair the marble statue dent

Sculpture is almost as old as humanity itself. Senior human become important symbol is used as a tool, but more important is to create the image. The world's famous stone carving as a "Venus" "David" and so on is a memorable classic. Now, whether in people or in the construction of public life, marble statue can add classical to indoor or outdoor space design elements.

And there is a small in the marble statue in the dent or is difficult to avoid. 

How to repair?

Actually very simple, can through some material and patience can easily repair the marble statue. Mix baking soda or rice noodles with super glue. Form translucent quality marble like super glue. Add some with statues of marble powder color matching. Buy a small barrel, used to decorate the wall with mud. 

To a certain amount of material to make it fully dry. Compare the finished color color to a marble statue. With plastic tidy up the statues populate the incomplete part of the shovel, use soft cloth to wipe away any unwanted parts. Marble statue will need to fill the area with a high degree of sand sandpaper scrub gently. With a clean cloth to remove dust particles.

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