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« Artificial stone variety, the quality is not necessarily worse than the natural stone

Talking about the slate and its decorative effect

Natural stone slate at home and abroad is widely used, and slate with its unique surface and physical properties are more used to decorate the external walls, very artistic effect. Green, natural lines, do not fade, sound and moisture, no radioactive, hard quality, with good resistance to wear, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, elegant and elegant decorative effect. Widely used in various types of villas, hotel clubs, retro buildings, entertainment venues, residential quarters group buildings, clubs, resorts, playgrounds and other buildings inside and outside the wall decoration; allows modern people to enjoy the simple elegance, return to nature.
Slate is a metamorphic rock, classified by metamorphic rocks, with phyllite, shale, gneiss, slate, etc. The rock with a plate-like structure is called slate, which indicates a concept: Slate "is a metamorphic rock, with a plate-like structure of the petrological characteristics of the real life, people are familiar with the" slate "connotation is very wide. More often called" slate "," slate "Is a commodity name. As long as the processing can be processed into a sheet or sheet of natural characteristics of the stone are called" slate. "Most slate durability are strong, Naisuan Jian. This material is more rough , Can reflect the characteristics of stone, generally used in larger areas, can be used for flooring and part of the wall decoration, small areas can only be used as embellishment, otherwise it will appear to suppress in use, but also consider the stone Its own color with, and now the majority of dark gray stone use.
Over the years, many facts have proven that natural stone has become one of the most popular decorative materials. The popularity of slate in the home, including at home and abroad, is largely due to the aesthetic value of slate. The slate itself has an irregular shape and an uneven profile, and its unique surface offers a wide variety of designs and colors, all of which are natural and natural. Therefore, the general work in the art of the pursuit of the trend and personality of the crowd like this style of stone. Stones and stones are different, which makes the indoor and outdoor decoration becomes unique. While different colors and designs do not lead to uncoordinated patterns. But to increase the beauty of the slate, because they bring people is a different feeling, which is not reached by other stone, even if the same for the natural stone.
Natural slate has the following characteristics:
First, the decorative effect of strange, natural slate is now a natural fresh, anti-rustic, European style
Natural scene
Second, the surface of non-slip, natural slate (flat) surface has not been artificially processed, to maximize the natural
The natural style of slate;
Third, the price is affordable
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