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Artificial stone variety, the quality is not necessarily worse than the natural stone

Artificial stone variety, the quality is not necessarily worse than the natural stone. Artificial stone color is small, high mechanical strength, can be combined patterns, after forming the seamless shape and other characteristics are natural stone can not be compared. Buy stone to see the quality of the stone itself and the needs of the owners, can not blindly high prices and imported stone as the standard to define the quality of stone.

Artificial stone a wide variety of artificial stone on the market are mainly the following categories.

Terrazzo is the earliest familiar artificial stone. Polyester coagulant It is based on organic unsaturated resin as binder, and sand, stone powder and other ingredients, relying on mold casting molding, curing, suitable for the production of complex shape of the product.

Vacuum marble is actually an unsaturated resin as a binder, the stone mining in the pieces of waste together, take a vacuum approach to reduce the porosity, curing into large pieces of artificial stone, after cutting, polished Plate. High strength of the product highly decorative.

Artificial agate is more fine on the basis of polyester concrete deep processing, which is the main material is high-quality resin plus stone powder and pigment, is a translucent man-made jade.

Imitation granite and marble pattern of large-size tile This product can be paved the ground, but also as imitation stone curtain wall products, dry hanging in the building on the external walls, very magnificent.

Glass-ceramic, also known as crystal stone, is a superior performance and very decorative new materials, the decorative effect of jade as noble and gorgeous.


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