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« The ground should not be all paved marble, to prevent overweightAdvantages of stone composite tile »

Cultural stone unique structure, where the most appropriate decoration

In the purchase of cultural stone, we must pay attention to the product testing report, pay attention to the standard value of radioactive, according to national standards, only A class of stone is suitable for indoor use.
Features: cultural stone after hundreds of millions of years of crustal movement to form a unique plate-like structure - sheet. The sheet is not only easy to split, and the splits of the rock surface texture is rich, can be made into a sheet, for mosaic wall. And this kind of stone structure is fine, layered film determines it has a good hardness, wear rate between the granite and marble, and has a low water absorption, high acid resistance, easy to weathering and so on.
Category: cultural stone generally have two categories: one is natural, one is man-made. Natural culture stone varieties include pebbles, sandstone, quartz plate and so on. According to the material can be divided into two kinds of sandstone and hard slate. Artificial culture stone is a natural culture stone for the mother, with inorganic materials made from casting.
TV background wall selection texture rough cultural stone mosaic, both sound absorption, but also to express the fine texture of the electrical appliances. Texture of rough cultural stone for the living room and other large space decoration embellishment.
Usage: In the modern home decoration, the designer more recommended TV background wall selection of rough texture of the stone inlaid, so that both sound and thicken the wall, reducing the sound on the other room space, and can To express a unique design of the modern home of the exquisite sense of the formation of a strong texture contrast. If the living room space is larger, can also be used to produce a rich culture of classical style of the theme of the wall, so that the living room decoration in the exquisite showing a trace of random. Or in the balcony to create a far pastoral style of the corner. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the main role of cultural stone decoration is decorated, do not abuse, otherwise it will be counterproductive.
The surface of the uneven color of the cultural stone decorated with the fireplace, inadvertently people back to the already separated by the Middle Ages.
Optional: the merits of cultural stone depends on the quality of materials and processing technology. High-quality stone surface, does not contain too much variegated, the color distribution is relatively uniform, there is no sudden concentration of pale phenomenon, corners cut neatly without horn, hand touch no rough feeling. The poor quality of the stone there are many irreparable "defects", such as stains, cracks, color lines, potholes and other phenomena.
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