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« Three points tell you how to identify the appearance of marble qualityCultural stone unique structure, where the most appropriate decoration »

The ground should not be all paved marble, to prevent overweight

Home improvement should pay attention to the floor of the building do not all pavement marble. Marble is more than a few times heavier than the weight of floor tiles and wood floors, and if the floor is full of marble, it is possible to overwhelm the floor. Especially on the second floor, because the housing safety identification station without the identification of housing decoration, the ground decoration material weight shall not exceed 40 kg / square meter.

The room decoration, not free in the load-bearing walls through the hole, remove the connection balcony and the door

Windows and the expansion of the original doors and windows or the size of the doors and windows, this approach will result in local cracks and serious impact on building capacity, thereby reducing the service life of the building.

Toilet waterproofing is also a key link in the decoration. The general practice is to install the toilet before the bathroom, the first to block the floor drain, put more than 5 cm of water, the water test, if the water leakage, must be redo waterproof; if not leak, but also in the construction of careful laying the ground , Do not damage the waterproof layer and unauthorized changes to the water and heating system.

In the room decoration in order to pursue luxury, covered in the walls of the plate, the ceiling mounted two three-tier three-dimensional ceiling, this decoration is not desirable. Because the walls covered with sheet metal, occupy a larger space, will reduce the size of the entire space, the cost is also a higher cost, while not conducive to fire. The ceiling is too low to make the whole room feel depressed.

Select the wire to use copper wire, avoid using aluminum. As the aluminum wire conductivity is poor, easy to use in the heating wire, joints loose or even lead to fire. Also in the construction should also be noted that can not be directly on the wall trench buried wire, should be used to install the regular casing to avoid leakage and cause a fire.

Interior decoration to ensure that the gas pipeline and equipment safety requirements, do not unauthorized removal of the pipeline, so as not to affect the normal operation of the system. Also pay attention to the electrical pipeline and equipment and gas pipeline horizontal net distance of not less than 10 cm, wire and gas pipe cross from the distance of not less than 3 cm.

Do not put the gas stove in the wooden cabinet, do not put the gas valve in the wooden cabinet. Once the cabinet fire, gas valve in the fire is difficult to close, the consequences will be disastrous.

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